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How does that work

Fastinvest provides euro loans in two countries: Spain and Denmark (for Poland and UK you need to change currency). The annuity amounted to 15% for Spain and 13.5% for Denmark. The percentages are very good and the loans abundant. It is a young platform but has a lot to say even if it still lacks transparency on the credit agencies that groups. Not showing them in fact does not allow us to correctly assess the risk.

On Fastinvest There are 3 automatic portfolios with different degrees of risk

Fastinvest does not provide a secondary market.

The loans on Fastinvest are all protected by a repurchase guarantee (or buyback).

Key facts

  • Automatic Portfolio? Yes
  • Secondary market? No
  • Guarantee of repurchase of expired loans? Yes


What I Like

  • Guarantee of repurchase and default in case of delays over 3 days
  • High interest, around 14%
  • You can also invest large sums because there is a great deal of availability


What I don’t like

  • Very little transparency on the data
  • Little chance of differentiating

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Conclusions (my opinion)

I used to like Fastinvest, but after Kuetzal and Envestio cases I moved out great part of the money because the lack of transparency became a deal breaker for me. Also the buyback structure is dangerous if a lot of people asks for their capital back at once. If they will improve the information disclosure in the future I’ll move some money back in, but for now I’ll keep less than 5% of my portfolio in it.


On Fastinvest is available a bonus of 1.5% of what you invest during the first 30 days from subscription. The bonus is valid for new users, only by subscribing to this link: Fastinvest bonus

Compare the p2p platform on this site

Fastinvest registration is simple and requires few minutes.

Using this link to register you will get a welcome bonus. You can know more about the bonus visiting the deals and bonus paget.


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