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How does it work

Lenndy provides personal and business loans, mortgages, and car loans issued by 5 lenders in as many countries. Nominal interest percentages are around 12% but in the end the real interest is closer to 10% due to delays and cash drag. The amount of loans to date is plentiful but there have been periods of famine in the past months. You have to pay attention to the fact that not all loans are protected by repurchase guarantee

On Lenndy There is an automatic portfolio.

Lenndy does not foresee a secondary market.

Some of the loans on Lenndy are protected by a repurchase guarantee (or buyback) but not all.

Key facts

  • Automatic Portfolio? Yes
  • Secondary market? No
  • Guarantee of repurchase of expired loans? Yes

What I like

  • Very low maintenance
  • At the time well stocked as amount of loans

What I don’t like

  • Lower real interests if compared to nominal as a result of delays
  • Little chance of differentiating

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Conclusions (my opinion)

Lenndy looks pretty solid. Unfortunately the real yield does not reach the 12% advertised but it stands on 10%. If you really could make what the marketing department communicates would be in contention with the best.

I recommend it to those who want to minimize the necessary maintenance.


At the moment Lenndy offers a bonus of €10 if you invest at least €100.
The bonus is valid for new users, only by subscribing to this link: Lenndy bonus

Compare the p2p platform on this site

Lenndy registration is quite simple and requires about 5 minutes.

Registering from the link below will give you a welcome bonus explained in the bonus page.