The stages of psychological acceptance
in a financial loss

How does the need to write this post arise?

The need to write this post arises from the need to learn from a bad experience that has happened to me recently. In particular, I suffered the loss of a rather large sum of money, following the closure of the Envestio platform, which proved to be a full-blown Ponzi scheme. I therefore had to face the 5 psychological phases that occur after each loss: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

Denial (20 days):

Almost a month before the actual closing, there were already very worrying rumors about the health of the platform and, although I had all the elements to decide to assert my right to buyback and go out quickly, I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to see and properly evaluate the facts I had available.

Just after the fact I also ran to hide every trace of Envestio from the pages of this Blog to some extent hoping to deny the problem by hiding it.

Anger (2 days):

How could I have been so stupid to fall into this trap without realizing anything about what was going on even though I had all the information available? I therefore directed the anger, not towards the scammers as I have seen in various chats and Telegram groups, but towards myself, both for my losses and for what I may have caused to others.

Bargaining (4 days):

At this stage I started to come to terms with the idea that the money was lost and that overcoming this would also make me stronger. I promised myself that in the following days I would put my strategy into making it better and less susceptible to such blows.

Depression (4 days):

When I actually went to settle the accounts on my spreadsheets these days, I felt lost because this fact wiped out almost two years of accumulated interest. The hopes of recovering part of the stolen goods are also low: maybe I’m doing everything wrong and isn’t this my way?


Ok, life is different. I cannot allow myself to be conditioned by a financial loss which, in the context of my life and my affections, is fortunately marginal. They fuck, we hope that the cause allows me to recover something and we try not to repeat the mistakes made in this case anymore.

With this awareness I then republished all the statistical data relating to Envestio and I came to write this post so that it remains a sign and in the hope that those who read this post can discover something useful as I did by writing.