My portfolio and considerations
updated monthly


June 2020

My p2p exposure continues to decrease in favor of the stock market which is seeing good rises. As the market goes up my capital will stay there.

May 2020

Like in April, I thought it appropriate to temporarily remove some capital from the p2p market and put it on the stock market where I found some good opportunities. I think that at least until the end of June I will continue with this strategy and then start returning the money to p2p platforms when the stocks will return to be almost “flat”.

April 2020

In the midst of the Covid pandemic emergency, I preferred to collect the p2p interests to invest them on the stock market on which I found many opportunities that in my opinion, within 6 months, will pay very well. So basically this month I proceeded to withdraw what I could from the p2p platforms.

March 2020

Obviously the week before I withdrew, as per the pre-established program, about half of the Grupeer funds, the platform went belly up and now, as for Envestio, I have joined the legal process to recover part of the stolen money. Obviously, however, for the purposes of the investment, I will consider that money (at accounting level) as lost even if there is a good chance to recover at least a part of it. For the rest, I withdrew part of the interests from Mintos and Bondora, reinvesting half of what was collected. The half reinvested on p2p went above all on Mogo and Lenndy for the reasons described in my post about covid investments.

February 2020

February was the month of recovery and reorganization. I moved the funds removed from Fastinvest, splitting them between Bondora and EstatateGuru. I yet have to decide where to put the remaining 1100. I think I’ll split them between Bondora and Lenndy. I was having a cash drag problem on, but after changing the parameters of autoinvest it invested everything. The other platforms are proceeding, between March and May I should start to decrease my exposure on Grupeer while I’m keeping my Mintos position as is.

January 2020

January was a bad month for my p2p portfolio. Luckly I was not in Kuezal but I burned almost 20K (of which 13K of capital) on Envestio. As I wrote in the 2019 recap post I already decided to reduce my quota there to better differentiate since the bonus for signing up with my second account had worn off. Guess when 5K would come free and I already decided to move then out from Evenstio? On 22nd January, and the platform stopped making transfers on 15 … Following this I greatly reduced my share in Fastinvest “losing” about € 150 in interest but “saving” 3K which I thought was in danger given the lack of transparency of the platform . I still haven’t decided where to put the proceeds from this divestment. For Grupeer, the intention remains to move out the loans due in March to go under 10K while I’m not planning to touch neithrt or Mintos. With part of the realization from Grupeer and Fastinvest I will probably increase my share in Lenndy.


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