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How does that work

Bitbond is a marketplace of bitcoin loans. It sells loans originated in various countries all the way, provides both personal and corporate loans issued by the company itself. Interest rates are around 10%-30% depending on the risk profile. The amount of loans is plentiful and I have never seen the marketplace empty.

On Bitbond You can also invest with the automatic portfolio.

Bitbond does not foresee a secondary market.

None of the loans on Bitbond is protected by repurchase guarantee (or buyback).

Key facts

  • Automatic Portfolio? Yes
  • Secondary market? No
  • Guarantee of repurchase of expired loans? No


What I Like

  • Potentially high interests


What I don’t like

  • Risk of the EUR-BTC Exchange completely discharged on the lender
  • I personally found a recovery rate of 0% defaults

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Conclusions (my opinion)

Bitbond would probably work well if it could recover the deteriorated credits. In my experience 20% of credits is in default and not even a penny of these has been recovered in 3 years. So let’s say that in my case the defaults (often at the first installment) have gone to erode all the possible margin by bringing it to zero. I gained only thanks to the change since the Bitcoin in the meantime has doubled its value.


Bitbond does not offer bonuses to new subscribers but has a nice registration page explaining the process: Link to Bitbond.

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