How to invest on Bondora?

Guide to investment strategies for Go&Grow and portfolio PRO

How to invest on Bondora

You can invest on Bondora using one of these tools:

  • Go&Grow
  • Portfolio manager
  • Portfolio PRO

Option 1: Go&Grow Bondora

Investing on Go&Grow will allow you to have an income of 6.75% credited daily which is very close to 7% per year if you consider the composite interest. The money thus invested can be withdrawn at any time by paying an exit fee of € 1. In practice, low interest and and guaranteed capital by Bondora.

As you can see from the first screenshot in the gallery, the creation of a Go & Grow portfolio is extremely fast and consists of three steps:

  1. You will choose the reason that drives us to use Go & Grow. The performance does not change depending on the choice, you will simply be shown different statistics depending on the goal.
  2. You will be shown some sliders to set the desired duration, starting amount and monthly amount. N.B. these values ​​are in no way binding and are only used to track your progress.
  3. At this point you will be free to add funds to your Go & Grow from the “Add funds” item. You can top it up by credit card, bank transfer or bondora balance.

Option 2: Portfolio manager


Using of the portfolio manager, unlike Go & Grow, real loans will be purchased, thus exposing you to the risk of defaults. However, the expected interest is higher, as is the risk.

As you can see from the second screenshot, you can select the risk profile you want to obtain and Bondora will automatically purchase loans aiming to compose a portfolio with the risk profile you have selected. By changing the risk profile you will see cheanges on both the distribution that Bondora will aim for when composing the portfolio and the expected interest.

Option 3: Portfolio PRO

Using of the portfolio PRO, unlike Go & Grow, real loans will be purchased, thus exposing you to the risk of defaults. However, the expected interest is higher, as is the risk.

This mode is very similar to the portfolio manager but will allow you to select the parameters of the individual desired loans instead of the risk profile of the entire portfolio. For example, you can chose to buy only loans shorter than 36 months, or only loans from a certain country, and so on. Once activated, Bondora will automatically purchase loans corresponding to the chosen parameters.

Portfolio management

If you use one of the two portfolio managers and therefore buy real loans, you should always manage your portfolio on a biweekly basis, putting on sale the new purchased loans that you think are “weaker”. It’s a long and boring job but it will allow you to avoid announced defaults.

The parameters I check in the selection are that:

  • The borrower owns an house
  • The borrower is less than 65 years old
  • The loan is shorter than 36 months
  • Earnings and expenses are verified
  • The borrower erarns more than the double of the final monthly installment
  • The borrower has never had registred financial problems in the past

If two or more of these statements are false, I sell the loan with a 0% charge and wait for something better to come in.


Tips: How do I invest?

In the end I opted to have about 1/3 of the total funds on Go & Grow so that I can pull them out fast if needed, and the remaining 2/3 invested with portfolio PRO in loans with a maximum duration of 36 months. Every two weeks I check what the portfolio PRO has bought and I get rid of the loans that do not convince me according to the parameters described above. I repeat the operation until the availability ends.

In this way, I get an expected interest close to the nominal one, but I still have the possibility to exit with 1/3 of the capital in a very short time.

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