How to subscribe to Bondora:

Practical Guide from registration to investment

Step 1: Go to the registration page and fill it in

From the Bondora registration page it is very easy to register on the platform and only requires email, name and surname. After this you will have to accept the privacy clauses.

Step 2: Go & Grow setup (optional)

At this point, if you want, you can:

  • Choose the objective of your investment (only serves to distinguish the portfolio)
  • Set the amount that will be added initially, the target monthly addition, the duration so that Bondora calculates the annuity you will get.

Step 3: Add funds to your B account

At this point you will finally see the informations needed to top up your account and start operating with Go & Grow or with the portfolio manager or portfolio pro.

You can then choose how to top up your account between bank transfer, credit card, transferwise and klarna (which I never heard of).

Once the payment has been made, in the case of a bank transfer, the money will be credited to the Bondora account in a couple of working days, with the payment by credit card instead, you will have them immediately available. I have never used the other two top up methods.

Step 4: Start investing on Bondora

You can see the article I wrote about investment strategies for Bondora if you want to see this in detail but you basically have 4 possible alternatives to invest in Bondora, listed below from the simplest to the most complicated. You will have a link to the official bonodora explanation on each one.

  1. Using Go & Grow which gives a yield of just under 7% but allows you to withdraw the invested money whenever you want. Bondora guarantees the capital.
  2. Simply set the desired risk profile and activate it on the portfolio manager
  3. Set in more detail the parameters of the loans that you intend to purchase in the portfolio pro
  4. Manually invest only in loans that you trust

The first option is the only one where you do not own loans directly, therefore it does not present the default risks of the other options but it has a lower interest.

All the other 3 options, on the other hand, with different degrees of detail, allow you to purchase underlying loans that respect certain parameters, thus exposing you to a default risk, but at the same time providing a higher interest.

Registration is simple and requires only 5 minutes

Registering from the link below will give you a welcome bonus explained in the bonus page.