How to make the most of bonuses

Of the various P2P lending platforms

 How bonuses work

Many of the platforms provide the capital bonuses that are usually calculated as a percentage of the capital actually invested in the first months of subscription to the platform. This percentage usually ranges from 0.5% of Mintos to 1.25% of grupeer.  The time for which the bonus is valid instead goes from 3 months of Mintos to 9 months of envestio.

The trick to better exploit these offers

To make the most of these offers just invest the same money several times over time granted by choosing short-term investments. Let me give you an example to clarify things: say you invest €10000 on Grupeer. By choosing to invest them all on loans lasting more than 9 months you would earn only €125 bonus, but by choosing 3-month loans, the capital would return you back bike before and you could reinvest it up to 3 times by triaging those €125 that would become so €375. It will certainly not change our lives but why waste €250?

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