Mintos welcome bonus

Subscribe to get a bonus up to 2%

Mintos: the platform

Mintos is the biggest and best european P2P lending platform. Mintos offers loans from about 30 lenders  with an interest often onver 10%. It also has a very active secondary market. It is also one of the few platform to get more than 4 stars in our review. You could also find interesting our subscription guide or the guide to automatic investments.

Mintos: the bonus

New investors can earn a bonus up to 2%  investing a minimum of 500€ in first 15 days from subscription.

This image perfectly explanes the bonus you can earn based on the investment size:

This deal is not available on the Mintos website but you have to register using the link on this page in order to get the bonus.

Mintos registration is simple and fast

Registering from the link below will give you a welcome bonus explained in the bonus page.