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How does that work

Twino makes available the personal loans issued by the companies of its group and, after a careful evaluation, categes the loans in:

  • Buyback guarantee i.e. purchase of the loan after a 30-day delay
  • Payment Guarantee i.e. the user holds the expired loan in the portfolio and Twino pays it according to the initial schedule
  • A, B or C in increasing degree of risk, are the loans without any guarantee

The introduction of the Payment Guarantee has certainly not reasserted me on the company that in this way seems to want to delay repayment of capital leaving the loans expired in the belly of the investor. This assessment and excessive cash drag (difficulty to keep invested the entire capital) have made me desist on this otherwise good platform

Twino makes available the automatic portfolio which is also the only way to get loans unless you want to wait for the addition of the insufficient new loans of the day (usually at night) to grab them.

Twino does not have a secondary market.

Key facts

  • Automatic parametric Portfolio? Yes
  • Secondary market? No
  • Guarantee of repurchase of expired loans? Yes, on some loans


What I Like

  • Group with 10 years of life
  • Good interest
  • Geographic differentiation on about ten countries


What I don’t like

  • Few loans available (cash drag)
  • There is no secondary market
  • The loan payment guarantee that obliging you to keep in portfolio loans in default
  • The unexpected choice to sack half of the employees a year ago

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Conclusions (my opinion)

I would not recommend Twino at the current state of things but if he had to start to have a good amount of loans and eliminated the PG I would not hesitate to return to the platform. At regime, with many loans available, it would not require any maintenance because the automatic portfolio would do its duty.


Twino does not provide any bonuses for new members

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