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How does that work

Viainvest is a solid group and offers loans at an average interest of 10%. It is one of the few platforms to require a tax certification that, if not sent, causes the application of a 20% tax on that 10% interest, thereby reducing it to 8%.

On Viainvest There is an automatic portfolio.

Viainvest does not provide a secondary market.

The loans on Viainvest are all protected by a repurchase guarantee (or buyback).

Key facts

  • Automatic parametric Portfolio? Yes
  • Secondary market? No
  • Guarantee of repurchase of expired loans? Yes


What I Like

  • Solid and active group in this market for 10 years
  • Interest always over 10%
  • You can also invest large sums because there is a great deal of availability


What I don’t like

  • Little information on loan applicants
  • To date the totality of the loans comes from Latvia (impossible to differentiate)
  • Taxation of interest at the source

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Conclusions (my opinion)

Viainvest is structurally solid and, if it were not for taxation at source, would be a competitor in contention with the best. Unfortunately the question of taxation is complicated and in fact, not to have to pay the second time taxes in Italy on the interest already reduced by 20% I dare not think what we should do.

I recommend it to those who, with a chartered accountant, can understand how to avoid double taxation.


On Viainvest it is available a bonus of €10 if you invest at least 50€. The bonus is valid for new users, only by subscribing to this link: Bonus viainvest.

Compare the p2p platform on this site

Viaenvest registration is quite simple and only requires 5 minutes

Registering from the link below will give you a welcome bonus explained in the bonus page.